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Participating Restaurants

Here’s what’s cooking June 16-25 at participating restaurants all over Centre County. 

HiWay West

Four featured specials: Twenty-Clove Garlic Chicken, Summer Shrimp Pizza Napoletana, Zucchini Threads, Strawberry Zabaglione

We Are Inn

Petit Surf & Turf Dinner ($39.99): Coconut Shrimp, Caesar Salad, Petit Surf & Turf, and Italian Lemon Cake or Grilled Stickies with Ice Cream

Hublersburg Inn

Four featured specials: Wild Mushroom Flatbread, Grapefruit Gin and Tonic, Lemon Bruleed Salmon, and Caramel and Chocolate Filled Zeppoles

Carter’s Table

Around the World Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl: Fried cilantro lime rice, grilled chicken thighs, pickled peppers and carrots topped with sriracha mayo, Peruvian green sauce and jalapeño cilantro crema with tomatillo salsa and fire roasted salsa on the side

State Burger Co.

Dessert Burger: Chocolate & marshmallow ice cream in a cracking chocolate shell, topped with a strawberry pizzelle, and sandwiched between a caramel-glazed butterscotch cake bun, stuffed with a cheesecake whip. Served with sugar cookie fries and strawberry "relish"

The Tavern

Nittany Lyonnaise Salad: Lyonnaise salad with frisée, confit marble potatoes, bacon lardons, Dijon dill dressing with pan-seared rainbow trout

Pine Grove Hall

Rainbow Tuna Tataki: Black sesame-crusted seared Ahi tuna with a peach ponzu sauce, marinated cucumber and horseradish made blue and purple with butterfly pea flower, cilantro microgreens, fried shallots, pink peppercorn, roasted cherry tomatoes, herb oil, and snap peas

Robin Hood Brewing Co

So Cal Grilled Flatbread Chargrilled pizza dough with pesto ricotta cheese base, Cajun chicken and sundried tomatoes topped with roasted pine nuts, arugula tossed in lemon vinaigrette, red onions and shaved asiago cheese

RE Farm Café

Nettle Toast with Seared Asparagus: Seared asparagus, pea shoots, nasturtium, and duck egg aioli over a piece of nettle toast

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