Bonfatto’s Italian Market & Corner Café

401 W High St, Bellefonte
Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner Monday-Saturday, breakfast & lunch on Sunday

Lavender Matcha Lemonade Freddo ($4.5)
Iced matcha with house-made lavender syrup and fresh squeezed lemon juice

Primavera Panini ($9)
Grilled chicken breast with grilled zucchini, yellow squash, red onion and red peppers. Melted fresh asiago and a roasted red tomato/basil aioli

Paccheri Lisci ($18)
Organic artisan pasta with guanciale, wild mushroom blend, hot italian sausage and smi-dried baby tomatoes.  Finished with microplaned Parmesan Reggiano and pepperolio

Strawberries and Cream Scone ($10)
Strawberries and whipped ricotta cream, with a touch of vanilla bean, sandwiched in a butter scone

For their first foray into Restaurant Week, Bonfatto’s Italian Market went all in with four special items at their Talleyrand Park-adjacent cafe. “The whole team got in on the fun,” said owner David Letterman, who opened the current version of Bonfatto’s four years ago.

The Primavera Panini shows off classic Italian flavors while the Sausage and Wild Mushroom Pasta takes top-shelf ingredients, many of which are locally sourced, and combines them for a true culinary triumph. The Strawberry Shortcake also gets the Italian treatment, with a perfectly tender scone base filled with ricotta and vanilla bean whipped cream. As if that all wasn’t summery enough, the refreshingly tart Lavender Matcha Lemonade fuses citrusy, herby, and floral notes in a drink that’s difficult to savor slowly, even though you know it won’t last.

And neither will these specials! The team at Bonfatto’s prides themselves on being a part of the community, and local sourcing for seasonal dishes is a big part of that. It’s also easy to see that the community loves them right back. “We get so many people from all around the area, not just Bellefonte” said David. With David’s daughter Michele working alongside him, the family business is now in its fourth generation. “This is all so easy to do because of the amazing people who work here,” said David.