Gigi’s Southern Table

2080 Cato Ave, State College
Open for lunch & dinner all week, brunch on Saturday & Sunday

Seafood Waterzooi
A creamy Belgian stew brimming with tender fish, succulent shellfish, and aromatic herbs

“Everybody in central PA does a bouillabaisse,” said Chef Matt Black. “So I thought we’d do a Waterzooi.” Don’t be fooled by the exotic-sounded name: This Belgian fish stew is a delicate balance of flavors and velvety texture. The rich, flavorful broth envelopes fish, mussels, clams and shrimp, and fresh veggies add a refreshing touch.

Chef Matt used to run a European bistro where he’d feature a national specialty on the day different countries won their independence. Belgium’s National Day is July 21, but we’re lucky to have this dish available this month. “It fits the weather we’re having right now,” said Matt.

There’s always something new happening at Gigi’s, said Executive Chef John Clickner. The outside seating has been expanding over the years, and soon the grassy section behind the patio will feature barbecue on Wednesday nights — stay tuned for more info in the next couple of weeks!