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Carter’s Table

407 E Beaver Ave, Unit B, State College

Open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch & dinner

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Thai Lettuce Cups

Shawn Carter has tried many things — landscape architecture, franchise management, real estate — but (luckily for us) cooking is the thing that really makes him happy. “I love doing this,” he said. “I don’t feel like it’s work. I was made to feed people.”

Shawn took his catering business to the streets, slinging tacos at the downtown farmers market, but when the space between Sowers and Garner opened up, he was ready. “I started out with just three tacos,” he said. “I got to test out different things at the market and have that proof of concept.”

In Search of Lost Flavors (aka past years’ dishes)

Around the World Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl: Fried cilantro lime rice, grilled chicken thighs, pickled peppers and carrots topped with sriracha mayo, Peruvian green sauce and jalapeño cilantro crema with tomatillo salsa and fire roasted salsa on the side

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