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Central Reservation

101 E Beaver Ave, State College

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Cioppino ($29)

Fisherman's stew with tomato broth, mussels, little neck clams, shrimp, and halibut

Chef Jonathan Forshey’s Restaurant Week dish is a sneak peek of Central Reservation’s new menu, which launches during the last weekend of this year’s event. His featured dish is a Ciopinno, a fisherman’s stew that has its origins in the docks of San Francisco.

“It came from the turn of the century when all the fishermen, mostly Italian, would spend their day selling their wares — squid or clam or fish — and at the end of the day, everyone would take what was left and throw it in the same pot. They would ‘chip in’ whatever they had.”

Chef Jonathan chose this classic dish for Restaurant Week because it highlights the direction of the new menu: “We’re going into more shellfish. A chilled sesame noodle salad, shrimp and grits is coming back. Coconut rock shrimp taco with strawberry salsa. Smoked salmon. Porchetta. Some fun, smaller plates.”

As we know, summer is a great time to head downtown and pop into favorite spots like Central Res — grab a seat along the sidewalk to pair some great people watching with your perfect plate and sips.

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