American Alehouse & Grill

821 Cricklewood Drive, State College
Open for lunch & dinner all week

Crispy Octopus Appetizer
White peach, carrot mole, charred leek, pineapple, pomegranate relish, lime

Burgundy Braised Short Rib
Soft peppercorn polenta, roasted piquillo peppers, pearl onions, rainbow carrots, cherry pepper relish
Available during dinner service only

Here’s a little State College foodie secret/highly arguable opinion: The American Alehouse’s octopus dish is the best thing on the menu — and it’s always changing. For Restaurant Week, Sous Chef Alex Singh gave us additional option for this “favorite protein” of Alehouse Executive Chef Gus Aranguiz.

The special appetizer features crispy octopus with grilled white peach, carrot mole, charred leek, pineapple and a pomegranate relish. “This dish is a little lighter,” said Alex. “It’s got those nice, bright vibrant colors and flavors, very fresh and seasonal.”

For something a little meatier (literally), the entree special is a Burgundy braised short rib with peppercorn polenta and a bevy of gorgeous veggies. “That’s a great special for Father’s Day,” said Alex.

When Alex pivoted from his international relations career path to enter the culinary world, working in the kitchen at the American Alehouse was always on his list. “Coming here, I’ve learned quite a bit,” he said of his four years at the restaurant. These plates are proof of that!