Robin Hood Brewing Co

1796 Zion Rd, Bellefonte
Open for lunch & dinner all week

So Cal Grilled Flatbread
Chargrilled pizza dough with pesto ricotta cheese base, Cajun chicken and sundried tomatoes topped with roasted pine nuts, arugula tossed in lemon vinaigrette, red onions and shaved asiago cheese

You might expect a pizza special from Robin Hood Brewing Company, but the flavors on the So Cal Grilled Flatbread are anything but ordinary. Ten years ago, says Mark Lambert, director of operations, they ran a similar special “and it just stuck in the back of my head as something I liked.” All the classic summertime flavors are here in one dish, from the chargrilled dough (“It just tastes better that way,” Mark says) to the peppery arugula and herby pesto. For extra summer vibes, wash it down with one of Robin Hood’s excellent beers — the Bulls IPA or Hefeweisen come to mind — out on the Bellefonte eatery’s patio.

And while the former two location Home D Pizza has been consolidated to the Bellefonte location with brewery on site, Mark says the fans haven’t minded driving a few more miles down the road. They’ll be celebrating CHristmas in July later this summer with a gift card promotion and, most excitingly, later this fall Robin Hood beer will be sold in Beaver Stadium. “We brewed a new beer, Lil Hazy Valley, as part of our hazy IPA line,” says Mark. “It’s really cool that Penn State wanted to feature the local breweries.”