State Burger Co.

101 S Allegheny St, Bellefonte

Dessert Burger ($7.99)
Chocolate & marshmallow ice cream in a cracking chocolate shell, topped with a strawberry pizzelle, and sandwiched between a caramel-glazed butterscotch cake bun, stuffed with a cheesecake whip. Served with sugar cookie fries and strawberry “relish”

“This is our Super Bowl. We’ve been working on this for months,” shared co-owner Dustin Smith. The State Burger Co. team was bursting with excitement to share this year’s dish and after the big reveal, we totally get it. Their looks-like-the-real-thing dessert burger is creative, fun, and downright adorable.

With a “burger” made from chocolate and marshmallow ice cream in a cracking chocolate shell, a strawberry pizzelle “tomato”, and a butterscotch cake “bun” stuffed with cheesecake whip, there’s no shortage of tasty layers to enjoy. And the sugar cookie “fries” and strawberry relish “ketchup” give a whole new meaning to the idea of playing with our food.

This playful dessert is a preview of things to come for State Burger Co. “Restaurant Week seemed like a great opportunity to showcase what we’ve been working on and to give our guests an idea of what we might have up our sleeves for the near future.”