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HiWay Pizza Pub

1301 W College Ave, State College

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Doppio Pizza Pie ($20)

Detroit-style pizza with two kinds of pepperoni, Pizza Sauce and Margherita Sauce, and mozzarella and white cheddar

Using American’s most popular pizza (pepperoni) as inspiration, this new HiWay pizza “doubles” the fun. We begin with our light and airy HiWay Detroit-style pizza dough that is “double” the thickness of a typical pepperoni pie. Next, we top the Doppio with two sauces: our Andy Z’s Pizza Sauce on the bottom and two Margherita Sauce racing stripes on top. Double cheesy goodness comes from a blend of both HiWay Pizza Cheese and Wisconsin White Cheddar. Finally, we chose two distinct types of pepperoni. Our classic HiWay Signature Pepperoni sits under the hood while a natural cased “cupping” pepperoni that chars rides on top.

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