Restaurant Week 2023

Thanks to a grant from the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau, we are able to relaunch Happy Valley Restaurant Week this year at no cost to you. 

We are excited to rebrand and relaunch Happy Valley Restaurant Week (formerly Happy Valley Culinary Week) to give you extra attention and business this June.

The idea is a version of what has been wildly successful in other areas, including New York Restaurant Week. Instead of a three-course prix fixe menu, HVRW will highlight one amazing special new menu item from each restaurant. It’s a unique opportunity for chefs to showcase their talents and culinary style and attract new (or lapsed) customers with an exciting treat available for a limited time.

We’ll first need to take professional photos of your dish. Then our team of marketing pros will create a marketing campaign to bring folks to your doors and websites. All you have to do is dream up a new special menu item and help promote!

By submitting your info through this form, you agree to receive communications from our team regarding plans for this year’s Happy Valley Restaurant Week promotion.

Restaurant Registration Form